Pequannock River Watershed Surveys

The presence of a spawning trout population is great bonus for any river or stream. Under New Jersey law, such waterways and the wetlands that drain to them have stricter standards for pollutants, temperature and other water quality elements. They also get broader buffer areas to protect them.

measuring trout during survey
Bob Papson of the Division of Fish and Wildlife measures a wild brown trout from the Pequannock River before releasing it.

With this in mind the Pequannock River Coalition has worked with the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to survey segments of the Pequannock River, Wanaque River and their tributaries. Where trout spawning has been documented these waters are upgraded in status.

Due to our efforts, upgrades to "trout production" have been adopted in the following river segments and streams:

These changes would not have occurred without hard work and generous assistance from Division of Fish and Wildlife staff.

We have also addressed other critical components of waterway health through a series of intensive and specific surveys:

Pequannock River
Pequannock River

As you can see, at the Pequannock River Coalition we truly believe that "knowledge is power." Few watersheds in the state have been so extensively studied or so well protected.

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