Exploring the Watershed

fall hike
Fall hike

You can't appreciate what you have never seen. With that concept in mind we began our watershed hike program in 2001 to acquaint the public with the places and issues that make our watershed so wonderful. And, often so controversial! In more recent years, with the creation of our Three Rivers boating trail, paddling events were added.

bobcat tracks in snow
Bobcat tracks

Our seasonal hikes (spring, summer and winter) were very popular with typical hike groups of 20-40 people. These hikes differed from most in their slow pace, with a concentration on education rather than exercise. We delighted in pointing out and explaining unique features. On our hikes there was always plenty of time to “smell the flowers.” While a hike in mid-winter may sound grim, these events were well attended. Snow provides excellent animal tracking conditions, and there is always hot chocolate and warm conversation to ward off the cold.

paddle trip
Paddle Trip

Our paddling events were also low key. Usually running about 4 hours, these events explore parts of the Pequannock River, Pompton River, and Ramapo River, that are not reachable in any other way. Abundant wildlife and superb scenery were the highlights of these trips. Generally held in early June, and again in July, for canoe and kayak devotees, our PRC paddles were not to be missed.

We hope these events continue to inspire folks to do some exploring on their own. A beautiful world is waiting!

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