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The Pequannock River Coalition has ended operation as an incorporated 501c-3 nonprofit. However, this website will continue to provide updates on watershed news, and upcoming events. In addition, there is much here that is useful to friends of our environment, including our Resources page. You can also receive information on our email list by sending an email to

Knowledge is crucial: At PRC we believe an informed public is the best defense of our natural resources. To ensure this we developed an award-winning water monitoring program, so stringent we were licensed as a laboratory. We were the first NJ group to complete a Watershed-based Implementation Plan to address our most serious water quality problems. We created the Natural Resource Inventory for the Borough of Riverdale, the Township of Pequannock, and the Borough of Butler. PRC has conducted a groundbreaking study of water use and its impact on our streams and rivers. Our youth education program, River In The Classroom also won awards and prepared the next generation of our watershed stewards. No group has done more to educate the public, keep them informed, and advocate for good land and water use decisions.

Pequannock River Watershed
Watershed Area

Protecting key lands: We are constantly identifying important lands and working for their protection. Our Pequannock River Greenway continues to increase with several open space purchases in the last few years. We also expanded sensible use of our public lands with ventures such as our water trail, or our willow nursery on the Glenburn property in Riverdale, used to supply many planting projects. In addition, battles for places like Bloomingdale's Federal Hill are ongoing while our past restoration efforts continue to improve our lands and waters from Vernon to Pompton Lakes.

A chance to make a difference: Successful watershed protection requires the involvement of many people. That means you make it happen! Our greatest strength comes from our friends and volunteers. PRC has hosted restoration projects, river clean ups, monitoring work, hikes, tours, and paddling events that offer opportunities to appreciate and improve our surroundings. Through our newsletter and email alerts we keep you posted on important issues, meetings and hearings where you can make a real difference. You can also receive information thoAs noted above, if you'd like to be on our email list, send an email to

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